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Bioceramic 3D Printer

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I. Product Introduction

Bioceramic 3D printer adopts the Filament Free Printing (FFP) technology, which can accurately customize biodegradable artificial bone according to the size, shape and internal pore of bone defect in orthopedic patients. At the same time, the printer is widely used in bone tissue regeneration, soft tissue biostructure and drug controlled-release, providing new research tools for researchers in the fields of life science, material science, tissue engineering and drug development.


Product Picture

Ⅱ. Functions

1. Users can freely mix composite printing slurry, and the material viscosity can be as high as 500,000 cps.

2. Slurries with low viscosity (e.g. distilled water) to high viscosity can achieve high precision quantification - 0.001 ml.

3. Precise control in printing linewidth and spacing; accurate customizd pore structure.

4. Algorithmic support for software in bionic shape and pore structure.

5. Independent intel lectual property rights with FFP technology.

6. Good biocompatibility of printed materials proved by series of in vitro experiments and animal bone defect repair experiments.

7. Provide a complete set of solutions from consumables, printing equipment to practical application.


III. Applicable Materials

1.Bone tissue regeneration materials: Hydroxyapatite, Tricalcium phosphate, Polye-therketoneketone, Nacre.

2.Soft tissue bio-structural materials: Gelatin, Collagen, Agar, Fibrin, Alginate and Chitosan.

3.Drug controlled-release materials: PCL, PLGA, PLLA, Sodium Starch Glycolate.


IV. Technical Parameters

1. Nozzle number: 1

2. Suitable slurry viscosity: ≤ 500,000 cps

3. Printing speed: 0.08~2ml/s

4. Printing accuracy: 0.001 ml

5. Printing Size: 150 * 150 * 120 mm

6. Temperature of printing baseboard: - 10~70℃

7. Low temperature of printing area: minimum - 150℃

8. Software: PCLab-V20, PCLab-B01

9. Data format: STL, GCODE

10. Operating System: Windows XP/WIN7/WIN8

11. Power requirements: 220VAC/50Hz/10A

12. Overall dimensions (W*D*H): 1000*550*550mm


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