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The World's First 3D Printed Regenerated Artificial Bone Clinical Trials Used to Repair Large Femoral Segmental Bone Defect

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A patient’s case:
A middle-aged male patient, falling from a high place and getting distal fracture of his right femoral neck, was admitted to hospital and implanted "PCB 3D printed regenerative artificial bone" in the defect site.
After 6 months of continuous observation, there was no infection in the implant site, the bone defect was repaired well. After the patient was able to walk with a load, "the removal operation of external fixator of the right femoral" was performed.



PCB established a three-dimensional digital model according to the shape and size of the patient's bone defect, and produced Calcium-phosphorus bioceramic composite material with bio-safety by 3D printing technology. Then, a porous bioceramic artificial bone matching the shape of the patient's femoral condyle bone defect was printed out, and the patient's own bone marrow cells were compounded. The bone defect of femoral condyle up to 5 cm long was successfully repaired after the artificial bone was implanted into the bone defect site.
The PCB regenerative artificial bone accurately customizes biodegradable artificial bone with biomimetic physical and chemical characteristics and appearance structure according to the size, shape and internal pore of bone defect in orthopedic clinical patients. It focuses on the development of customized regenerative bone trauma repair technology and its clinical application. The success of this experiment promotes the clinical application of 3D printing technology in orthopedic trauma surgery and makes a great breakthrough in solving the world problem of individualized repair of bone defects with weight-bearing by 3D printing technology.

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